The Metaverse will be worth $13 trillion by 2030

The American bank Citi believes that projects with the Metaverse will accumulate up to $13 trillion in 8 years.

The modern technology, which became popular in 2021 after the renaming of Facebook to Meta, is attracting public attention. And although many are still only looking at this technology, some market players see great potential in it.

Citi analysts conducted a study and found that at this stage, the Metaverse is mainly a mixture of game projects with 3D and augmented reality.



However, in the coming years, the situation may change, and the audience of projects will increase to 5 billion people. This will be possible thanks to a 1000-fold increase in computational efficiency. And it is necessary to ensure interaction with the Metaverse online.

According to experts, the development of this industry will lead to a change in the quality component of projects. After all, the Metaverse has a broader concept than games and augmented reality. This is the next generation of the Internet, which will make up virtual advertising, online events, digital assets and more.

The Metaverse will unite the digital and real worlds together, cover many areas, and operate in a constant and exciting mode. From developers, this will require significant investment and technology improvements, and this is where we need to focus now.

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