Solana network internal clock is out of sync

The developers of the Solana crypto project reported that the internal clock in the blockchain was out of sync with the current time.

According to the information provided, the difference is about half an hour. Therefore, data may not be displayed correctly in applications and oracles. However, this does not affect the health and performance of the network.

Consensus is reached through Proof-of-Stake. However, the blockchain timing is managed by the Proof-of-History mechanism. The reason for the desynchronization is that it takes longer than usual to create blocks.

Validators are responsible for this activity, adding blocks to the network. Usually, the reference time (slot time) is enough to add 1 block. This figure is 400 ms. Currently, this indicator reaches 750 ms, so the blockchain loses synchronization with the current time.



As already noted, this does not affect network performance. However, this will reduce the income of validators, since due to the increase in the time of adding blocks, the number of epochs decreases annually. Since validators are rewarded every epoch, their number per year directly affects the mining income.

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