Solana developers are looking for ways to deal with network failures

A spike in transaction volume due to bot activity caused the Solana blockchain to crash over the weekend. After analyzing what happened, the project developers identified 3 ways to prevent future failures.

The blog post highlights several mechanisms to prevent this from happening in the future. Here they are:

  • Integration with the QUIC protocol. At the moment, the underlying blockchain protocol is implemented on top of QUIC. If integrated, it will be possible to better configure the network and optimize data reception.
  • Processing of weighted share transactions. This will allow you to skip more important transactions faster.
  • Prioritization of transactions by commission. Those who want to put their transactions higher in the queue can pay additional fees on top of the base rate.

Note that the cause of the failure was the sending of 4 million NFT transactions by the bot through the Candy Machine. This led to a failure in the block validation process.

Problems with the operation of the blockchain have caused serious damage to the work of many projects. The network was shut down for 7 hours, and after a restart it resumed operation on Sunday.

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