Russians can again use Telegram without VPN

Yesterday, June 18, the Telegram messenger again started working on the Russian territory. Roskomnadzor took this decision by prior agreement with the General Prosecutor's Office of the Russian Federation.

Collaboration with the authorities

The representatives of the regulator say, when taking this decision, they took into account the cooperation of the Telegram management with the authorities in the dissemination of prohibited information.

“We positively assess the readiness expressed by the founder of Telegram to counter terrorism and extremism,” the regulator stated.

Telegram innovations

The creator and ideological inspirer of the Telegram messenger, Pavel Durov spoke about the improvement of counter-terrorism mechanisms that preserve the complete confidentiality of correspondence at the beginning of this month.

Telegram Lock

Recall, more than two years ago, in April 2018 the Telegram messenger was blocked throughout the Russian Federation by the decision of the Tagansky court of Moscow. It happened because the messenger's management refused to provide law enforcement authorities with decryption keys for user messages.

Two years after that, in April of this year, deputies of the opposition party Fair Russia developed draft law to unlock Telegram. In early June, the bill was put on the agenda and on June 18 the messenger again started working on the territory of the Russian Federation.

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