Russian Government Intents to Cancel Anonymity in Messenger Apps
On May 5, in the territory of the Russian Federation, the Chamber of Ministers decree introducing messenger user identification by phone number entered into force. It is reported by the news agency Tass. Now, employees of messenger apps will have more work, as they will have to request user data at the time of registration. Relevant information must be provided by the mobile operator within 20 minutes. If the identification is successful, each user receives a special code that will be stored in a special registry until the user changes the operator. Upon termination of the contract with the mobile operator, one item of the rules provides for deauthorization of the user. The rules will apply only to "newcomers". The resolution also mentions the financial punishment of the administrators of messengers in the amount of up to one million rubles, followed by blocking of those who refuse to fulfill the requirements. Innovations will apply only to owners of Russian mobile numbers. Therefore, changing the number to a foreign one may be a way out for those who do not wish to put up with the resolution. We want to remind you: Subscribe to The Coin Shark news in Facebook: