Nike Came Out with Shoes That Tie Laces Themselves
The famous producer of sports clothes and footwear decided to incorporate mobile technology into its new sports shoes. It came out with self-lacing trainers that can be controlled through a smartphone app. [caption id="attachment_27164" align="alignnone" width="660"] Source:[/caption] The concept of such “smart” shoes first appeared in the second part of the movie “Back to Future” and was brought into reality by Nike back in 2016. The release of the trainers was shown on Twitch. The latest version of the trainers are called Nike Adapt. They retail for 350 dollars. Beside the self-lacing feature, the shoes actually adapt to the foot of the person wearing them, depending on internal and external factors. Nike Adapt can also be customized according to the owner’s liking through the smartphone application.
"During a normal basketball game the athlete's foot changes and the ability to quickly change your fit by loosening your shoe to increase blood flow and then tighten again for performance is a key element that we believe will improve the athlete's experience,” the representative of Nike described the footwear on the example of basketball.
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