New York City Police Manipulated Facial Recognition
According to a study that was carried in the United States, the police uses the facial recognition system the wrong way. Let's first understand what facial recognition system is. This is a special software that looks for coincidences in facial features. For ease of understanding, the principle of operation of the facial recognition system can be compared with the principle of the search engine, which searches for a match of the text (phrase) that you enter and gives you similar results. The problem is that in both cases, the sensitivity of the algorithm can be adjusted manually, which can be used by unscrupulous policemen. As it became known, New York City police officers deliberately manipulate the images before entering them into the database: they add other eyes, mouths just to make the picture fit the system standards. In one particular case, the policemen simply used a photo of actor Woody Harrelson. They did this based on the evidence of one eyewitness to the crime, who said that the attacker looked like Harrelson. Since the sensitivity of these algorithms is easily adjusted (and these settings are difficult to perform in manual mode), it is easy to choose a specific person in accordance with the specified parameters. This is a difficult problem, and after such studies, many people oppose the use of this technology for such purposes, at least until we can remove the human factor. We want to remind: