Microsoft To Launch Own Blockchain Network

Specialists from Microsoft have launched a beta version of the ION blockchain network, which will be responsible for the decentralised user identification function.

Few words about ION blockchain network

As a prototype, ION developers took the blockchain of Bitcoin. ION will be open source, it will be a network of layer 2, but with its own structure of nodes. The company announced the release of the project in May last year.

Microsoft may change the rules of the game

Co-founder of the DID group, World Wide Web Consortium, Christopher Allen believes that due to the Microsoft products widespread in the corporate environment, the ION blockchain network will be able to completely change the entire technology industry in the future.


“ION is one of the fundamental components of the next generation of trust online. Using the Bitcoin blockchain, ION decentralises the method of encryption and exchange of messages and application data,” the company said.

Famous partners

This project is quite large-scale, as such large companies as Fold, BitPay Casa, and many others take part in it. According to the road map, the final product of the ION blockchain network should be expected this fall.

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