Microsoft is Actively Working on Windows 11
Despite the fact, that the American corporation has not made any statements about its new operating system for computers, tablets, and laptops yet, soon everyone will be able to install Windows 11. According to insider information, Microsoft employees from the testing department have got access to this OS recently. Now they have to test this software performance so that developers can fix all bugs and make changes before the public presentation. Thus, Windows 11 has already been released, but only for a limited circle of people. Its full release will happen a few months after the presentation. The new OS is faster, more stable, more beautiful, more reliable and simpler than Windows 10. All this would not have been possible without the Windows Core. It not only provides better user experience but also makes an easier installation of updates in the background. Due to this, you will no longer have to restart the computer every time you install some updates. There is also the new security system, in which all applications need to ask permission to access system functions and individual components, such as a camera and microphone. Due to this, all users of the brand new Windows 11 will be able to control installed applications. This update will strengthen the protection system many times. The interface of Windows 11 will also change compared to Windows 10. It will be many times simple, and it will be easy to figure out the new version of the software. It is expected that after the release of Windows 11, all owners of licensed Windows 10 will be able to install it absolutely free.