Microsoft Has Come Out with a New Microsoft Office App
The software giant Microsoft has released a brand new version of its iconic Microsoft Office. The app is still undergoing some final tests and approbations. It will soon be available at the operating system Windows 10. The current version of the app, My Office, will be completely replaced by its new, more advanced “rival”. While My Office dealt with managing Office 365 subscriptions for the most part, the new app will have way more useful features. The app is meant to improve the customer experience with Microsoft Office and make it as productive and dynamic as possible. Source: The most important virtues of the app are:
  • Integrated Microsoft Search will have to find a required site, document or person in no time;
  • You will have quick access to all the recent and pinned documents to get back to work as soon as possible;
  • All the Office internal apps will be in one place. You’ll be able to switch between them in just one click;
  • Businesses can totally customize the app to their liking and integrate the desired features.
Getting started is extremely easy:
If you already have the My Office app, you will get the new Office app through an automatic update in the coming months. Otherwise, you can download it from the Microsoft Store.”
The app is absolutely free and available for users with all types of Office 365 subscriptions. Soon it will be an indivisible part of Windows 10. We remind you: Subscribe to The Coin Shark news in Facebook: