Icici Bank Provides Services Via WhatsApp

Indian Icici Bank has started to provide services via the WhatsApp messenger. Bank customers can now pay for utilities via WhatsApp, receive trade finance services, fixed deposit and bill payment functions.

Trade finance services are provided to business owners, allowing companies to view information about customer IDs, import and export codes, limited availability of all credit lines, status of unpaid incoming remittances, money transfer history, and internal transfer.

Icici Bank began by providing customers with the option to use WhatsApp six months ago. The services included such features as checking their savings account balances, the last three transactions, credit card limits, getting pre-approved instant loan offers, freezing, unfreezing credit and debit card details.

Currently, Icici Bank offers 25 types of services through the popular WhatsApp application, at this moment about 2 million customers use the application.

According to Bijit Bhaskar, Head of Digital Channels and Partnerships at Icici Bank:  As social media becomes more prominent in everyday life, we believe that WhatsApp banking is a great convenience for our customers. In WhatsApp Without visiting a bank branch.