Georgia Tech`s Ant-Sized Microrobots Can Move Through Vibration

  Georgia Tech`s engineers have created micro-robots that can move using vibration. You can compare the size of the new invention with a coin when looking at the picture.These micro-robots are printed on a 3D-printer, and their size is about 2 mm in length, note that this is equal to the smallest ants on the planet. These devices are designed to move using vibrations from a variety of sources, from ultrasound to more traditional sound vibrations. With the right sound source, robots move at a speed of 8 mm per second, which is four times bigger that their own size. Georgia Tech robots are equipped with legs of different sizes so that they react differently to different sound waves and can imitate running.

  Georgia Tech researchers believe that robots of this size may eventually be useful for solving various problems (from environmental sensing to accelerated regeneration of the human body). “We are working to make the technology robust, and we have a lot of potential applications in mind. We are working at the intersection of mechanics, electronics, biology and physics. It’s a very rich area and there’s a lot of room for multidisciplinary concepts.” –  assistant professor Azadeh Ansari said.