Facebook Temporarily Stopped Tens of Thousands of Applications
Facebook began to study applications that have access to personal data of users of the social network in March 2018. It announced the suspension of the "tens of thousands" of applications by about 400 developers as part of a data leak investigation through the consulting company Cambridge Analytica. The company said they are continuing to investigate the leak, and by now, a million applications have already been verified. Facebook also said that several applications were completely blocked, and the company filed lawsuits against some. The South Korean data analysis company Rankwave, Hong Kong LionMobi and Singaporean JediMobi - are among them. According to the company, their applications infected the phones of social network users with malware. Recall that the US federal authorities launched an investigation against Facebook more than a year ago after the information that Cambridge Analytica illegally obtained data from 87 million users of the social network.