Elon Musk's Starlink will allow Dogecoin to send offline payments

The developers of the Dogecoin cryptocurrency are working on creating an interesting technology that will allow you to send offline payments in DOGE. They want to implement it by connecting RadioDoge radio technology to Starlink satellites.

The plan to create a new technology was announced by two experts working in the Dogecoin Foundation. According to them, RadioDoge + Starlink will help implement DOGE transactions in countries with poor Internet coverage.

The chief engineer of this organization, Michi Luchin, noted the high reliability and low cost of deploying a new technology based on HF / LoRaWAN. According to him, it will work without access to the Internet, allowing everyone to make payments using the Dogecoin cryptocurrency.



Experts say that in addition to connecting to Starlink using radio technology, the Giga Wallet will become an important part of the project. This is a type of cryptocurrency wallet that uses standardized blockchain integration.

The operation of the technology was tested by connecting the Libdogecoin library. The experts created several addresses and carried out transactions between them in test mode.

It has not yet been said whether GigaWallet will be linked to RadioDoge. The developers have doubts that Libdogecoin will cope with the high load on the network. So far, this is a testing ground for the work of this library with RadioDoge.

In the coming days, the developers will connect Libdogecoin to the satellite network and the Dogecoin testnet to make transactions on the blockchain. If the verification is successful, then it will be possible to prepare this system for widespread implementation.

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