EIU for Digital and DLT Technologies in Healthcare

The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) analysts have released the "HEALTH OF ASIA BAROMETER" report. It highlighted the opportunities digital technologies offer to optimize healthcare

The drafters of this document carefully studied all aspects of health development in the Asia-Pacific region. Emphasizing along the way the need for those services and equipment that would raise healthcare in the regions to new heights.

The study is important for medical organizations as well as government agencies. It can better connect the government and private sector to maximize the potential of digital health.

Analysis of statistics

When analyzing a database obtained from a survey of respondents from 13 regions (Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, the Philippines, etc.), it was possible to find out that Asia has a fairly high level of adoption of digital medical technologies. In a survey of five thousand people, half of the respondents (54%) admitted that they consider medical services to be affordable.



Specialists are concerned about the fact that only 22% of respondents, according to them, have access to fitness centers and sports clubs to maintain their health. To solve this problem, it is necessary to connect technical potential.

⅘ of respondents (81%) agree with this. They said technology had improved their access to health care, and another ⅔ (60%) reported that technology had made their lives much easier. Over a 3-year perspective, more than 71% of respondents think they will rely on technology for health and wellness.

Public private partnership

The researchers note that the guarantee of health is in establishing public-private partnerships. Without it, the potential of digital health cannot be realized.

But thanks to the establishment of cooperation from both the state and private companies, it is possible to introduce such innovations as blockchain technologies into medicine.

Now they are supported by a private initiative. For example, companies such as are helping to fight COVID-19 and making it easier to store, record, interpret, and visualize health information.

We have already written about the positive results of the implementation of digital control of coronavirus test results at Frankfurt Airport. The report's authors also recommend using digital channels at the government level to improve health information.

We need to implement networked medical devices on the blockchain to ensure strict data management. Security implemented using DLT technologies will ensure effective healthcare policies and the development of targeted healthcare infrastructure.