Coupa Bought Analytical Company Llamasoft For $ 1.5 Billion

Coupa Software Inc, a provider of corporate financial software, has acquired analytics firm Llamasoft Inc for approximately $1.5 billion. The acquisition will increase the company's analytical capabilities.

Coupa Software Inc. is headquartered in San Mateo, California and has subsidiaries throughout Europe, Latin America and the Asia Pacific region. Is a provider of enterprise cloud software for cost management. Coupa provides companies with automated financial planning and analysis of travel reporting. Specially developed algorithms make it possible to monitor costs in comparison with the costs of similar companies, detect fraud and identify ineffective spending.

Coupa provides clients with software, to put it simply, a platform for managing business costs. Salesforce is one such client. Com Inc, an American technology company that specialises in the development and delivery of enterprise cloud software with a focus on customer relationship management (CRM) systems. According to Salesforce, the company's spending has already exceeded $2 trillion today, up from $1.3 trillion in the same period in 2019.

Llamasoft manufactures artificial intelligence analysis software to optimize the supply chain of enterprises. Business analysts can experimentally create a virtual supply chain model. The software from Llamasoft allows you to analyse and study various possibilities and ways of supplying goods to consumers, as well as analyse the logistics capabilities of suppliers in case of a rapid increase in orders.

The purchase of Llamasoft will give Coupa the opportunity to modernise its strategic business. Coupa platform provides corporate clients with services for managing business expenses and payments. In parallel, the Llamasoft supply chain analysis platform provides companies with assistance in managing such aspects of business relationships with their suppliers, such as ensuring suppliers on time deliveries and reallocating production capacity if necessary.

This alliance has every chance of opening new horizons for the wider application of the services provided by Coupa and Llamasoft.