Breaking Stereotypes: German Circus Replaced Animals with Holograms
Roncalli circus, founded in Germany in 1976, took a creative approach towards the format of circus performances. The circus management created three-dimensional holographic images of animals, thus breaking the well-established stereotypes of the standard circus performance. To implement the idea, Roncalli collaborates with the Bluebox and Optoma.
“We have been using Optoma projectors for 6 years and have consistently had a very positive experience in price, performance and reliability,” says Birger Wunderlich from the Bluebox, “We chose to install the Optoma ZU850 projectors because we needed a consistent light output over the duration of the installation and Optoma has delivered us this on an exceptional level.”
With superior color rendering and 360 ° projection, the Optoma ZU850 model with innovative MultiColor laser technology helped create a phenomenal show for the Roncalli circus. Thousands of guests enjoy a modern, interesting presentation with a 360-degree projection of horses galloping around the arena and elephants performing a headstand. This innovation was not accidental. The fact is that circus animals spend most of their lives in captivity. During training, they are often abused and left without food. Zoo defenders from all over the world are calling on circuses to abandon classical performances. We want to remind you: