Blockchain Driving License Tests In South Korea

Enterprise blockchain maker, South Korean blockchain firm Iconloop, will test a decentralized driver's license system in the country. Order received from the Ministry of Science of South Korea

The decentralized identification system (DID) will allow for efficient management of data from driving licenses in the country. A trial run will allow you to demonstrate the capabilities of DID. Observers will be able to make sure that the data is stored securely and that they are not tampered with.

Jonghyup CEO Kim said the identification system works through the Zzeung app. Drivers do not need regular driving licenses.

DID testing is being carried out at a time when the popularity of digital projects in South Korea is growing. The testing will potentially involve about a million South Koreans who already have a decentralized driver's license.

It should be noted that this is not the first test of the DID blockchain system. In late summer, Jeju Island officials used blockchain to track contacts between citizens and tourists to fight COVID-19.

DID is also used by private companies. For example, SaraminHR, a recruiting company, uses DIDs to enter applicant profiles on the blockchain.

Given such popularity, it is not surprising that Iconloop received $ 8 million to test the system.