Bitfarms will increase hashrate to 1.2 EH/s

Mining giant Bitfarms plans to increase hashrate to 1.2 EH/s, launching 3 thousand new miners

According to Bitfarms (BITF), 1,000 Whatsminer M31S mining machines are planned to be deployed soon, with 3,000 more mining farms to be deployed in Q1 2021.

The increase in performance will increase Bitfarm's hashrate above 1.2 exahesh per second (EH/s). The goal of the mining company is to achieve a target hash rate of 3 EH/s.

The Toronto-based company currently has about 6,000 new cars in stock.

This is a good indicator:

  • Today the market is very competitive
  • The products of the largest manufacturers of mining equipment, such as Bitmain, are sold out until the third quarter of 2021
  • Miners do not mind used goods

Any machines available are involved in mining, and buying even a few dozen can make a big difference to a business. Bitfarms is launching thousands. Therefore, it is not surprising that BITF shares are showing a 230% gain.