9 applications created on L2 StarkNet on the Ethereum network

A second layer scaling solution called StarkNet was used to create 9 different DApps on the Ethereum blockchain.

StarkNet works on top of the underlying compression technology, improving the performance and security of the blockchain. This ensures fast transactions, minimal commissions and wide opportunities for scaling.

The StarkWare team worked on this solution, developing the necessary infrastructure for deploying applications on the ETH network. According to information published on Twitter, nine projects were created based on this solution, which relate to DeFi, NFT, gaming and other areas.

According to the co-founder of StarkWare, their development will help raise the popularity of cryptocurrencies to a new level. By scaling, applications can be accessed by as many people as possible.

Therefore, cryptocurrency projects will be able to catch up in terms of the number of users, for example, with WeChat or Facebook, whose audience exceeds several million people.

StarkWare will allow you to get a significant increase in users in a short time. In fact, this is the missing link in technological evolution, which will expand the possibilities of using blockchain in any field. This is especially important when building Web3.

About StarkNet

It is a cryptocurrency unicorn valued at 2 billion. The company recently raised 50 million to develop its projects. Full decentralization of StarkNet is planned during 2023.

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