Taxis in Japan Will Be Equipped with Facial Recognition to Provide Targeted Advertising to the Passengers
These days it seems like technologies are literally stalking us everywhere. We google something, and three seconds later a dozen ads of this product are sent our way, there are even conspiracy theories that we are being watched through web-cameras on laptops and smartphones. True or not, the fact that technologies have really intruded our lives is undeniable. One more confirmation of this is a phenomenon which originated in Japan. Japanese taxis from now on will have facial recognition inside the vehicle. The technology will determine the age and gender of the passenger in order to select the most suitable advertisement for them to watch during the ride. This innovation was first noticed by Rosa Golijan, a privacy engineer at Google. In reply to Rosa’s tweet, a man named Ben Parker on Twitter posted another picture of a Japanese taxi, which shows us more details of how the information is collected from the passengers. As we can see in the picture, there is a special QR code which has imbedded data of what your face looks like. Afterwards, the information is sent to the online platform that created this service, called DcNA Co Ltd. According to the company, their “Premium Taxi Vision” is based on the concept of providing providing better travel time and showing only the content that will make your taxi stay more comfortable and convenient Although the idea seems very innocent and is aimed at achieving better experience when using taxi, many people were triggered because of this news, firstly, because it is brutal intrusion in privacy; secondly, because the concept of showing different ads to different age and gender groups is pretty obsolete in 2019. We would like to remind you about the scandal that happened in China and involved the authorities spying on street cleaners via the special GPS bracelets, which caused public discontent. Subscribe to The Coin Shark news in Facebook: