T-Mobile-Sprint Merger Could Mean The End of A Physical SIM Card
The US Department of Justice wants to get rid of physical plastic SIM cards. Eventually, the turn to virtual SIM-cards can change not only how smartphones connect to the mobile network, but also the very process of their production. Of course, this will not happen tomorrow, it will most likely take years, but the development vector has already been set. Electronic SIM (eSIM) is a technology that allows activating a smartphone in the mobile network through software. It is much more convenient than a physical SIM card, by the way, this technology is already used in the latest version of Apple Watch. But, unfortunately, in practice, a full transition to eSIM technology is quite difficult and the largest US mobile operators are not in a hurry to develop this area. The main thing required by the US Department of Justice is that New T-Mobile will sell Dish so that it has the assets necessary to become the fourth mobile operator in the country. But at a press conference announcing approval, the US government also stated that it requires that both New T-Mobile and Dish support eSIM technology, which allows smartphones to register on the network using only their internal chips, and not a little plastic shim. We want to remind: https://thecoinshark.net/verizon-launches-its-first-5g-access-point-at-650/