Swedish Bank Nordea Bans Bitcoin Trading by the Staff
The absence of control and cryptocurrency market instability provoked the largest Nordic bank Nordea to prohibit Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies trading since February, 28th.
“We consider the risks to be too high and the protection is insufficient for both the bank and our staff”, – Nordea spokesmen noted.
Besides, Nordea emphasized that the company did not make employees sale the cryptocurrency they already had though recommended to.   Nordea announced the ban amidst global Bitcoin rate fall. Since the New Year it has lost 25% of the cost and the tendency continues.   Today Bitfinex reported a decrease of 10,08% to 10,35 thousand dollars, GDAX said that Bitcoin had lost 10,29% and now costs 10,4 thousand dollars.According to CoinMarketCap information, Bitcoin rate experienced a fall of 4,44% and now costs 11,7 thousand dollars.