User Reddit found 127 BTC on an old PC

A new Reddit user who named his account "BitcoinHolderThankU" wrote in a post about a big event in his life. During the Christmas holidays, he found 127 bitcoins earned in 2011-2012.

Back then, it was possible to receive Bitcoins using Bitcoin faucets. Advertisers paid for watching videos, completing various tasks, and participating in surveys.

The aforementioned Reddit user was an avid Dark Orbit player. At the time, as a teenager, he planned to exchange BTC for an in-game currency called Uridium. But the exchange was never completed, and the Bitcoins were lost until 2021.

For this Christmas break, he went with his family to his grandfather's old house, where he saw the PC on which he played as a child in Dark Orbit. The keys to the Bitcoin wallet were found in a folder on the hard drive.

It contained 127 bitcoins, which an unnamed user of Reddit immediately exchanged for $34,000 for $4.3 million. The whole procedure did not take more than two hours.

After such an event, a Reddit account was created, and the user thanked all Bitcoin supporters who made this possible. According to him, holding is cool!