Toddler Hodler Earns More on DOGE Than Brazil's President in Stocks

Elon Musk's son, with his intricate name, X-A-Xii, and the sonorous nickname Toddler Hodler, made a profit of 457% in just two months using a cryptocurrency meme

At the same time, the portfolio of shares (OIBR3 and OIBR4) of brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro significantly lost weight, suffering losses of 78%. Perhaps it's time for him to follow the example of a one-year-old kid.



Cryptocurrency for Toddler Hodler was purchased on February 10 at a price of 7 cents. Musk hastened to share this with followers on Twitter.

Everyone knows that Musk has a protracted affair with Doge. In many ways, it is thanks to him Dogecoin rose by 457%, to 41 cents, and will soon reach its goal - 1 dollar.

Doge adepts are incredibly happy about this. After all, the popularity of the cryptocurrency, thanks to Musk's tweets, has attracted the attention of many other celebrities.



Cryptocurrency owners, like Toddler Hodler, with their help earned on each invested hundred dollars - 486 dollars of net profit. And it's not the finale. DogeDay has just begun!

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