Hamster trader Mr. Goxx, Elon Musk's favorite, dies on Monday

The live cryptocurrency hamster is gone in its prime. This greatly saddened the large army of his fans. Fans were worried about the silence on social networks, and after the farewell tweet of the owner of the animal, they realized that they were not worried in vain.

The hamster trader became an internet legend in June 2021. Its owner built a dwelling for him, equipped it with two tunnels and a wheel. Established broadcasting on Twitch, as well as posting news on Twitter and Reddit.

As a result, in less than three months the hamster has multiplied his capital, proving that the element of randomness in the crypto market plays a huge role. His earnings growth for the reporting period was higher than that of Warren Buffett and Katie Wood.

The technical side of the experiment

When the wheel rotated, a certain cryptocurrency was selected, and then, when the hamster ran through one of the tunnels, it was bought or sold.

Technically, “work on the stock exchange” was arranged like this. An optical sensor was mounted in the wheel, connected to the Arduino Nano platform. Later, with its help, the presence of a hamster in one of the two tunnels was discovered, and the “buy” or “sell” lamp of the selected digital asset came on.

All cryptocurrency transactions were carried out thanks to sophisticated Java software. This application was responsible for live video broadcasting and transactions. His last trade on the exchange was the purchase of 3229.4 TRX on November 20, 2021.

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