Subscribers Accused the Head of TRON of Promoting a Financial Pyramid
The TRON Project General Director Justin Sun was accused of advertising a financial pyramid. Users who are subscribed to his page started to write such statements on Twitter. The fact is that on Monday, December 23, Justin Sun published a huge number of messages about the new blockchain game Just.Game. He said that it was “the greatest moment in the history of the decentralized application industry”. Attentive users did a little research and found out that the same people who were previously connected with fraudulent projects like Fomo3D and Exitscam Me are behind this. The creators of this game describe their project as "a self-decentralizing organization that creates a game on the TRON blockchain." The rules of the game are written in the spirit of the classic financial pyramid: when registering, new users must invest TRX, attract new participants and receive rewards from their contributions. To promote this project, San donated 125 million TRX tokens, which at the current rate is 1.75 million US dollars. Due to his activity, the game reached the TOP in the DappReview rating.