Research: Cryptojacking is Out of Fashion Now
According to a new research, the likelihood that your browser will be infected with malware for hidden mining cryptocurrency is now much lower. Malwarebytes company, which develops solutions in the field of cybersecurity, showed that incidences of crypto-attacks decreased by 79% compared to the same period last year. The report says that the main reason for this fall was the closure of the Coinhive service.
“Detections of consumer-focused Bitcoin miners have dropped significantly over the last year and even from last quarter,” the document states. “As a result, we observed a decline of 35 percent of total detections this quarter compared to the previous quarter”.
On the other hand, cybercriminals began to show greater interest in the business. Cases of infection of companies software increased by 200% compared with the previous quarter, while for the year this figure soared by 500%. Coinhive allowed webmasters to install hidden mining Monero scripts. In February of this year, Coinhive announced the closure of the service, citing a prolonged bear market and difficulties in mining Monero. Since then, many similar imitators of Coinhive scripts have appeared. Newer versions, such as CoinIMP and CryptoLoot, are more focused on torrent portals and file sharing sites. We want to remind you: Subscribe to The Coin Shark news in Facebook: