Study: 66% of Europeans Believe Crypto Industry To Develop In The Future

The vast majority of residents of European countries believe that in 2030 cryptocurrencies will not disappear, but will only develop. This survey was carried on request of the bitFlyer exchange.

Take a look at the results of our latest Crypto-Confidence-Index poll of 10,000 people across ten European countries. Confidence in #crypto has increased across Europe versus this time in 2019, as @CoinDesk reports, here:
— bitFlyer Europe (@bitFlyerEU) April 29, 2020

Every six months, the company estimates the so-called Crypto-Confidence Index, which means the level of trust in digital coins. It appears, since the last survey, this indicator has grown by 3%, and now it is 66%.

CEO bitFlyer Andy Bryant believes that increased cryptocurrency loyalty among the masses may be caused by the coronavirus pandemic and uncertainty in traditional markets.

The survey involved 10 thousand people from ten different EU countries. Italians expressed the most optimism regarding the future of cryptocurrencies (72%), this nation suffered from Covid-19 most of all. Next, the Netherlands and Poland with the support of 70%, and Spain - 68%. Great Britain residents showed skepticism - only 56% of respondents believe in the future of cryptocurrencies.

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