State Duma Deputy Praised Telegram but Threatened Durov
One of the senior officials of the Russian Federation, State Duma deputy and member of the Security Committee Andrei Lugovoi gave an exclusive interview to Duma TV. Lugovoi said he was an active Telegram user. Besides, he stressed that this is a great messenger, and he strongly recommends this product to all Russians. He also said that he considered this project to be Russian since Russian residents had a hand in its development. Lugovoi expressed regret that the developers could not agree with the authorities of the Russian Federation. In his opinion, Pavel Durov has to take the steps towards the Russian government in the near future. Also, the official mentioned the lawsuits between the TON project and the US financial regulator - SEC: “If he is such a hero, why is he so scared? He simply understands that the Americans will not stand on ceremony with him unlike us. They will catch him in any country in the world and bring him somewhere to Guantanamo or the CIA office and he will give all the keys thy ask for,” Lugovoi said. It is not clear why Mr. Lugovoi said so. The fact is that the SEC has claimed not to the Telegram messenger, but to the TON project, or, more precisely, to the GRAM coin. Recall that SEC employees believe that the cryptocurrency of the TON ecosystem is security and therefore it should be registered properly. The US financial regulator, unlike the FSB, does not require Durov to open the private keys of the messenger. So the gist of Andrei Lugovoi’s statement remained unknown.