Science, healthcare, blockchain: project plans to raise $1 million via tokensale

The Givetime startup plans to raise $1 million during the tokensale.

The team connects science and healthcare through the blockchain. The main goal of the project is to increase the life expectancy of people. Moreover, to popularize science-based healthcare worldwide.

Ambitious goals will be solved gradually. The project roadmap includes a plan to enter the world market of diagnostic equipment, as well as to launch a medical and scientific lab.

The project is now at the stage of final preparations before fundraising, negotiations with the investors are underway.

According to the team, they were inspired by this idea a long time ago. The team has been working on the project since 2017. The pandemic and healthcare systems being overloaded became the main reason to create the project. 

This project will be the first of its kind. People are skeptical about healthcare and startups in this area. However, medical startups with a scientific approach are a steady trend, especially  in recent years. 

‘We are working on this project. We are a real team made of the real people hoping to implement our ideas’, says one of the Givetime founders.

The expected investments will be used to follow the roadmap.

The project will be implemented on the BSC blockchain (Binance Smart Chain) with the GTM token. According to the developers, they are primarily focused on the offline implementation of the project. That’s why it will be later possible to one’s own blockchain, which will fully meet the requirements.

Givetime aims to provide quality healthcare services of the future based on modern research. This should accelerate the application of scientific developments.

It will be possible to buy the token on the PancakeSwap platform. Easy-to-use instructions will be written for those who want to invest in a medical and scientific startup.

Givetime values human health and the quality of life. The team is focused not only on increasing life expectancy but also on maintaining its quality. 

What happens if you combine healthcare, science, and blockchain? We will find out at next month - the token sale is scheduled for December 9th

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