When we are asked why it is worth becoming a part of FRAGMA, we have something to answer. 

FRAGMA METAVERSE is the decentralized social network of the future based on blockchain. Provides revolutionary solutions in the field of promotion and monetization of content, making it not only interesting, but also bring real profit!

Unlike well-known social networks, FRAGMA has a number of advantages: 

  • Social Mining. Get rewarded for your activity on the platform. Through tokenized ad revenue.
  • Generation of Own NFT Tokens. Create unique digital artwork and share it on the marketplace.
  • Internal Marketplace. Add digital artwork created, purchased or rented by you, auctioned or leased.
  • Private Collections. Create private collections with your photo / video / audio files or rented NFTs. Users will pay one-time or buy a monthly subscription to access your collection.
  • Contests. Users can take part in photo / video contests, as well as launch their own. For this, they receive prizes or bonuses in the form of tokens from the FRAGMA platform.
  • DAO Moderation. Feel free to share your thoughts, opinions, wishes, and together we will make a decision.
  • Distribution of Advertising Revenue Between Users. Transfer of 100% of advertising revenue with subsequent distribution among users depending on their activity, popularity and useful actions aimed at developing the platform.
  • Charity. You can donate part of your dividends to the needs of children and the elderly who need social and medical assistance. Or to restore the flora and fauna of our planet.

The technical features of FRAGMA  include: 

  • Own Blockchain. Will be implemented in the near future. Allows you to track the purchase / sale / lease of NFT, copyright, content verification and smart contracts. And at the start, the platform will operate on TRON.
  • AR technologies. Augmented reality objects are integrated directly into the content you create. This will make ad integrations as native as possible, which will significantly increase conversions for advertisers. 
  • Proof-of-Content Creation technology. To confirm the authenticity of the content.
  • Deep Learning. It is used to combat fakes.
  • AD TEMP. The technology allows you to implement AR, this is a unique opportunity to advertise products of famous brands around the world, depending on the country of display and audience. 
  • FRAGMA token (FRA). The functionality is described in detail on the website in the LITEPAPER section. Having studied the FRA token model, we can conclude about the usefulness of the ecosystem.   

FRAGMA METAVERSE iprovides unique opportunities, extensive functionality for generating NFT, Marketplace, GameFi and complete freedom, since with the help of DAO-moderation, full self-government of the network will take place.  

Instant monetization, as well as distribution of 100% of advertising revenue to content creators, will very quickly attract millions of new users to the Fragma social network. According to the most conservative forecasts, by 2025 the total number of Fragma users will be 1.5 billion people. 

The private sale will only last until December 10, which means you can still become an early investor in Fragma.

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