Crypto Startups Working With Cardano Products May Receive Additional Funding

The IOHK company, known for the Cardano project, made a deal with Wave Financial and developed the cFund fund with a capital of $20 million.

Who can get financing?

Crypto startups, that are somehow related to Cardano or other IOHK projects, can count on financial support. Start-up companies can receive from 250 to 500 thousand US dollars. Funds can be received in exchange for securities or tokens.

Where did the funds come from?

cFund is already 50% funded by IOHK, and Wave Financial plans to attract the second half from third-party investors.

Delayed start

According to representatives of the IOHK company, the launch of the fund was to take place earlier, but the Covid-19 pandemic changed in the plans.

Besides, the company refused to disclose information about the first crypto start-ups to receive funding from cFund.

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