Waves: Backbone of The Next-Generation Digital Landscape
Some innovations which might not be quite popular ten years ago today have a wide range of applications. Just think about blockchain technology which at the beginning of the decade was a weird thing that no one understood completely, yet now some spheres of life just cannot exist without blockchain. It means that the digital world is changing, developing and improving. One of the factors that make such technologies go forward are digital companies and the best example is Waves. Here we can prove why it is so.

Waves - The Web 3.0 Company

Waves is a company that creates cutting-edge products on a decentralized basis. It is one of the leading companies that operate their own blockchain platform, mobile wallet, decentralized exchange, and other interesting projects. Blockchain Platform. It is considered to be the ground of a majority of applications and it is used for dApps to build WEB3 solutions. The platform is seeking ways to implement WEB3.0 architecture into the current technology. Decentralized Digital Asset Exchange. It is an exchange where security is the main priority, therefore, the funds are stored on the users’ accounts. It has flat trading fees and multi-platform feature. Waves Keeper. The pass to the world of WEB3.0 will be Waves Keeper. The developers themselves are not sure how they managed to create such a masterpiece. Keeper is a special extension for a browser, which lets a user manage his/her keys. Moreover, it serves as a tool to get authorized on the websites. Storing private keys on the user's side and not allowing third parties to get confidential data is the key to WEB3.0, and Waves Keeper is already up to the task. The keeper also interacts with Waves-enabled web services and dApps.

Waves Mobile Wallet

The icing on the cake is Waves Wallet, which is a revolutionary mobile app enabling users to connect to the network and make transactions. This is a universal app for cell phones with unique features like crypto wallet, the Waves DEX, and fiat gateway. Things that one will probably like about this app:
  • Privacy and security are completely provided since all traffic is encrypted. Moreover, private keys never leave users’ smartphones and are never exposed to the web.
  • Supporting Face ID, Touch ID, and Fingerprint scanning.
  • Using this wallet, one is able to trade on DEX, it gives access to fiat and crypto gateways, thus, the user can deposit, store, trade and withdraw other assets.
  • The customer can send tokens to one’s address book contacts, lease one’s WAVES, receive warnings about suspicious tokens and burn any spam assets he/she doesn’t want.
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