BlokBiz: “It helps the whole ICO market to be more transparent and reliable”

The ICO market is abundant with different ICO projects, they offer you different services, it is like an embarrassment of riches. Then the question arose, how to find a solid and reliable one? It is the issue that only BlokBiz can solve.

What is BlokBiz?

BlokBiz is a crowdfunding platform, where investors can find information about ICOs, that are fully checked and managed by BlokBiz. It is created for the investors who want to take part in a safer ICO market. The aim is to build a platform where every listed ICO is a trustworthy and secure project checked by the team of developers. There is a list of requirements for ICOs, if they want to be listed, they are bound to comply with them. Thus, potential investors may choose indeed a good project without being afraid of getting into a trap of scam and unreliable projects. Furthermore, BlokBiz manages the enrolled companies after the token sale and pays them out in installments based on their progress.

Why do you need to use BlokBiz as an investment tool?

The ICO market is getting bigger and bigger, yet BlokBiz has found out a solution to identify a viable ICO to invest in.

  • The Team thoroughly check a project, its history, organization chart;
  • Anti-Scam security method;
  • Preventing of “Pump and Dump” companies;
  • The fee is only 2% from the companies and 1% from the investors;
  • The ability to get the investments back.

Furthermore, BlokBiz provides a great support for the startups. The developers create a very attractive portfolio, wallet, tokens. Team also generate the graphs, progress bars, roadmap, so that investor can easily understand the main idea of the project and decide to invest in it without any further delay. Not to mention a extremely effective marketing plan for you.

Cool features

  1. The project uses the Ethereum network, as well as a local client program. You can get access to it through the web service web3;
  2. The blockchain technology guarantees you save and transparent transactions;
  3. Using ERC20 token due to its multi-purposeness and a standard prescript;
  4. Using smart contracts for crowdfunding;
  5. Low fees: only 2% as a service fee + 1% of the total supply of the company’s token, 1% transaction fee after every transaction, the latest can be reduced to 0.5% by owning XBZ tokens.

Token Sale details

It is only 5 days left to the end of the 1.72x bonus. On October 15, the main stage of the token sale will start though, it will last for 3 month, till January 15. The total supply of BlokBiz token (XBZ) is 100 000 000 XBZ. The soft cap goal is 15.000 ETH, and the hard cap is 23.000 ETH. By owning XBZ tokens BlokBiz users will become premium members on the platform, thus they will be able to invest in any listed ICO with a reduced transaction fee. Their beta BlokBiz portal will be available for anyone before the end of November, where the first companies can apply and investors can join to test out the safest method of ICO investment. 

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