SpaceX Set Three Records With One Launch
During the launch of the Falcon 9 carrier rocket, SpaceX delivered six dozen Starlink satellites to the low orbit of the planet. Besides, the company managed to set several world records at once:
  • the first stage of the rocket was reused for the 4th time and returned to the runway without any problems for the first time in history;
  • SpaceX engineers managed to use the nose cone a second time;
  • the company has the largest number of satellites placed in orbit.
It is important to understand that these are unique cases in astronautics since not a single company (or state organization) in the world has done anything like this up to this point. Elon Musk with his brilliant team once again proved their status as the most innovative space company in the world. There were 60 second-generation Starlink satellites as a payload onboard the Falcon 9. The company's specialists finalized them, and now space drones not only have one more antenna but also 100% consist of destroyed materials. This means that they will completely burn out in the Earth’s atmosphere after their operational period. Recall that Elon Musk wants to put more than 40 thousand Starlink satellites in orbit in the coming years, providing high-quality Internet to almost the entire surface of the globe.