Sony PlayStation 4 Will Fall in Price by Half and Photos of PS5 has Already Appeared in the Network
The best-selling gaming console in the world - Sony PlayStation 4 will soon be significantly cheaper, and its retail price will be about $180. We want to remind you: Many users of game consoles around the world complain that their devices are very outdated. The latest gaming consoles are losing much on the technical characteristics of new gaming computers. And it is absolutely natural since the latest version of the Sony PlayStation began to be sold back in 2013. During all this time, the company managed to realize more than 93 million devices (including PS4 Slim and PS4 Pro). But it seems that Sony has found another way to not only extend, but also significantly increase the sales level of this gaming console. Prices should drop almost two times, which means that the new console can be purchased for about $180. Given that the average cost of a single new game can be between $25 and $40, which is a very good deal. Only in this way the company has a chance to maintain the demand for its product for a further period of time, such an opinion was expressed by Michael Pachter. The other day, the first spy photos of a new Sony PlayStation 5 appeared on the website Reddit. This version of the consoles was supplied only to game developers. It is worth noting that these images were immediately deleted after publication, but users managed to take screenshots. Do not be embarrassed by this strange angular case, most likely the future console will not be sold in this design. This is only a prototype, which was created exclusively for testing by games developers. An additional display which is placed on the gamepad can show information to the user during gameplay. It should be noted that a similar screen is on the DualShock joystick. Recall the presentation of the Sony PlayStation 5 is scheduled for 2020. Subscribe to The Coin Shark news in Facebook: