Sony Announced the Release Date of Sony PlayStation 5
Sony representatives finally announced the release date of the most awaited console in the world - Sony PlayStation 5. The official presentation of the new console will occur closer to the Christmas holidays in 2020, became known. The fifth-generation console will have an updated user interface, and will also support ray-tracing on a hardware level. Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan said that the main task of the developers was to improve the quality of the gamer`s immersion into computer games.

What is known about innovation?

  1. Tactile feedback improvement. PlayStation users are aware of vibration after using the first model of the console, but the new version will show radically improved tactile feedback. From now on, car accidents, football tackles, mud walking will be felt a different way.
  2. Adaptive L2/R2 triggers. The development will help the user feel the acceleration of the car in rocky terrain or the tension of a bowstring.
Currently, the company carries testing of new developments.