SIM Swapper, who Stole $1 million in cryptocurrency was arrested in the USA
U.S. law enforcement authorities have detained a 19-year-old resident of Brooklyn suspected of stealing cryptocurrency for about $1 million through SIM swapping. “From his Brooklyn apartment, this defendant accessed accounts belonging to 75 victims in 20 different states. As alleged, in just 4 months he drained his victims of more than $1 million in cryptocurrency with little more than an iPhone and computer.” – District Attorney Vance said. Suspect Yussef Silassie gained access to the phone numbers of the victims and with their help logged into online accounts, including cryptocurrency accounts. The police believe that the attacker intentionally selected people who own cryptocurrencies since asset transactions are difficult to track. During a search, law enforcement authorities seized many electronic devices, as well as a seed phrase of cryptocurrency wallet written on paper. Yussef was arrested in California, he had a huge amount of custom-made jewelry purchased for BTC.