Sikur Has Released a Smartphone with a Secure Cryptocurrency Storage
A Brazilian security company Sikur showed its new development at the recent conference Mobile World Congress 2018, which was an android-smartphone with a built-in cryptocurrency wallet. As the company assures, their gadget will be an excellent acquisition for people who have a lot of cryptocoins. SIKURPhone, as the novelty has been called, has an encrypted and reliable mechanism for secure storage of cryptocurrency. “At the end of second quarter of 2018 we will deliver a crypto wallet inside our platform, expanding the wallet use beyond SIKURPhone, it means that our customers should be able, through a physical device, to securely store their crypto coins,” Cristiano Lop, Sikur’s CEO, said in a conversation with the CNBC. A company HackerOne was involved to test the smartphone, which could not hack the protection of the phone in the course of the thorough tests. Sikur claims that besides cryptocurrency security, the smartphone is also well protected in general from any encroachments on the owner's data, and the manufacturer points out a much improved interface of the device, compared to its predecessor GranitePhone. It should be noted that if the owner wants to access third-party Android applications, he/she  will need to contact the Sikur team to customize the desired applications individually in accordance with the security requirements of the smartphone. To access services and websites, like Twitter, Instagram, etc. the user can use the built-in secure web browser of the phone. The company also promised that it would disconnect users from its services if they show suspicious or criminal behavior. Sikur will interact with law enforcement agencies during any criminal investigation related to their device and although the company offers a safe platform for storing people’s cryptocurrency, it is not going to protect criminals. Subscribe to The Coin Shark news in Telegram: