SEC Got a New Crypto Chief
The U.S. chief financial regulator, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), has appointed its new head of digital finance - Kristina Littman, whose career is developing at a fairly rapid pace. She began working at the SEC as a full-time lawyer in 2010, seven years later she became a senior adviser to the commission chairman Jay Clayton. She advised the head of the SEC on the regulation of cryptocurrencies and other digital assets. And now she headed the department. “Kristy’s innovative thinking and extensive experience within the Commission have made her an invaluable advisor and, most importantly, a tireless defender of America’s investors. She will be an excellent leader for the Cyber Unit as it continues its work in this critical and continually evolving area.” – Clayton said. This department was created two years ago during the active growth of the cryptocurrency market. This was done in a hurry since at that time a huge number of non-professional investors came and the US Securities and Exchange Commission tried to regulate this at least somehow. Two years later, the situation changed dramatically, and the regulators got much more tools for working with digital assets. Sure, there is still a lot of work ahead and we hope that Kristina Littman will become the very person who can bring order to this segment of the financial market.