Scorum | ICO from 14.01.18-11.02.18


Token sale opening date14 Dec. 2018
Token sale closing date 
ConceptScorum is a blockchain powered sports media that rewards its active users.
Authors get rewarded for adding their publications, comments and photos while
readers gain by casting their votes for quality content.
Scorum’s economic model is based on principles that strive to ensure its
cryptocurrency is supported with the real economy and the benefits are allocated
fairly among all the system’s participants.
The project team has already developed a working prototype of Scorum’s
statistical center, and our partners and industry experts made it possible for us to
formulate an optimal product roadmap for the Scorum platform.


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Skorum Team
Vladislav Artemyev – Co-Founder, CEO
Nikolai Pobol – Co-Founder, Operations Manager
Andrei Filipovich – Co-Founder, User Experience Director
Alexei Belov – Co-Founder, Chief Sports Analyst
Alex Shkor – CTO, Blockchain Architect
Andrew Avdeev – Head of Web Development

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