Scandalous McAfee Operates a Cryptocurrency Blog
A founder of a company that develops antivirus software products John McAfee, famous for his hot speeches about bitcoin has started a section on his Twitter called “Coin of the day”. He mentioned that there are 2000 existing cryptocurrencies and most of them are scum, while others will “change the world”.
“You can support these changes”, — said he.
Since December 21st, McAfee started daily reviews of top-altcoins on his Twitter. The first review was about Electroneum, and on the same date the cryptocurrency experienced its pump and dump. Its rate increased from $0,08 up to $0,12, and then went down to  $0,09. The entrepreneur mentioned the following advantages of Electroneum: privacy, possibility to mine it using a smartphone and a low cost. McAfee was immediately accused of advertising, however he has expected that many  cryptocurrency exchanges would accept Electroneum, like for example Cryptotopia, and stressed that he himself did not own Electroneum and was not pumping it for his own profit:
“I show you an incredible opportunity to support the token that will change the world” — wrote he.