Scammers Stole From Users of the Service about 700 BTC

In Ukraine, cyberpolice investigates one of the most massive hacker attacks, the victims of which are owners of crypto currency. Last fall, scammers conducted a fishing campaign, as a result hackers managed to seize the funds at the rate of 700 Bitcoin. This is reported by the press service of the service.

Cisco, which specializes in high technology, was the first to report fraud. In December of the last year, experts discovered a large number of domains, with a similar name for virtual wallets – After users had visited fraudulent sites, a specially designed script gave attackers access to their wallets.

Security service, has called such a hacker attack one of the largest in the history of the service.

The cyberpolice figured out that the attackers had launched their project in late 2014, and, theoretically, over the last three years of their activity, the amount of criminal proceeds could exceed several hundred million dollars. Law enforcers also found confirmation that scammers are involved in the creation of SCAMs, such HYIP projects as:,,

“In 2018, the activities of this group fell significantly. We associate this with the introduction of additional rules for moderating of advertising messages in Google Adwords. This is also confirmed by an analysis of the activity of individuals at closed forum sites that offer services for fraudulent advertising campaigns” – the department reported.

Representatives of cyberpolice recommend investors to be more cautious about investing in cryptocurrency projects.

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