Saudi Arabia Began Building of a Giant Technological City of the Future
It is learnt, Saudi Arabia began to implement the project of the giant technological city Neom on the Red Sea. The area of the new innovative settlement will be 26.5 thousand square km. Saudi Arabia is going to create a giant technological city on the shores of the Red Sea. The authorities of the country are going to spend 500 billion US dollars to realize this ambitious project, the city should become the new Silicon Valley. The Neom project is part of the Vision-2030 program to reduce Saudi Arabia's oil-dependence and create a global technology center in the region. The first stage of the Neom building will end in 2020, and a full-fledged city should appear by 2025. What we know so far it that the country's authorities are going to use the technology of creating clouds so that it rains more often over this territory, launch a huge flotilla of drones into the sky to create the illusion of an artificial moon, and also transport people through flying taxis. There are practically no other details of the city. We know that Saudi Arabia has almost completed the construction of a major international airport in this region. It should be the beginning of the future city building.