Sanctions Were Not Discussed at the Crypto Conference in the DPRK
An Italian citizen Fabio Pietrosanti who personally attended the cryptocurrency conference in North Korea shared the details of this event. He said he always wanted to visit this “hermit kingdom” due to the fact that this country is as closed from the world as possible. The most important rule on the DPRK territory is to forget talking about politics. Pietrosanti has repeatedly said that the sanctions regime of the country was not discussed in this event. He said that this conference provided an opportunity for a few foreigners to see a certain part of the country. "From a certain perspective, it's sort of like a tourist trip with some educational value," Fabio Pietrosanti said. He also mentioned that the conference participants spent a week in the DPRK and the event itself took only two days. Their movement has always been watched by local intelligence agents. About 50 local “experts” and no more than 10 foreigners attended the conference. The event was unusually boring since the provided translation of the speakers was too long. The information itself was at the entry-level, which is easy to find on Wikipedia.