Samsung Will Add iTunes to Its Smart TVs

The two electronic devices giants – Samsung and Apple – have always been the main players and main rivals in the industry. These two are constantly competing using their new releases, trying as hard as possible to outrun the other one and roasting each other in commercials.

However, Samsung managed to surprise the community. As reported by CNN, it is going to add iTunes (the development of Apple) into the latest generation of its smart televisions. Samsung TVs will also support all Apple devices through the AirPlay 2.

The service will be available only for movies and TV shows, not music, but this is still an unexpected step, considering the fact that these two companies are fighting for their place under the sun in the industry.

There is already a lot of speculation regarding this issue. Many people are sure that Apple has paid Samsung to make such a move. However, most experts and analysts point out that such a “collaboration” will be beneficial for both companies.

Neither Apple nor Samsung official representatives have commented on the controversies so far.

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