Samsung Patented a Dual-Display Smartphone
A Korean company has applied for a patent for a smartphone design with dual displays. [caption id="attachment_41464" align="alignnone" width="581"] Source:[/caption] The secondary display, in accordance with the design, is located behind the main camera and occupies approximately half of the panel. This design allows you to use the rear camera for shooting selfies. Read more on the topic: The Korean giant is unlikely to be able to introduce a new design into its flagship devices of S-series. However, the Samsung Galaxy A may be the perfect place to test it. The A-series smartphones were the first Samsung devices equipped with three- and four-camera modules installed along with a new rotating camera technology. Therefore, we can assume that the upcoming innovative device will be presented in this series. Samsung is not a pioneer in this direction, Vivo Nex and Nubia X are also equipped with dual displays. We want to remind you: