Samsung Galaxy S10 Was Fooled By 3D Printed Fingerprint
Technology improvement is pretty evident, every day we can see novelties which make our life easier and more comfortable. However, the most precious thing in the world of tech is security. Do all of the flagman devices are secured? Let’s discuss it together. Samsung Galaxy S10 is considered to be one of the best smartphones in the S line. The phone has a stunning display which is 6.1-inch in diameter and surrounded by slim bezels across the board, it is called an “Infinity O” display. Regarding the model’s performance, a new Snapdragon 855 processor and 8GB of RAM make this phone extremely powerful. Moreover, there were rumors that the smartphone would integrate a secure blockchain wallet to store private keys for crypto assets, but it was not confirmed. No one will ever think that such a massive smartphone can be hacked and fooled by a 3D printed fingerprint, except for @darkshark - a user who posted a video on an Imgur proving it. First, he took a photo of his own fingerprint, processed it in Photoshop, and then made a model of its fingerprint using 3D printer. After 13 minutes, he obtained its printed fingerprint which fooled the smartphone.
I attempted to fool the new Samsung Galaxy S10's ultrasonic fingerprint scanner by using 3d printing. I succeeded.
@darkshark pointed out that such a method of getting access to the smartphone is quite worrisome. There are a bunch of other variants to get someone’s fingerprints and commit a crime inside the phone or by using it. For example, by stealing someone’s phone, one can easily get the owner’s fingerprints as they are all over the phone. In just several minutes, he/she can get access to the device and what is more important banking apps, since many of them allow fingerprint verification to log in. Subscribe to The Coin Shark news in Facebook: