Samsung Galaxy Fold Disappoints Fans Around the World
To calm down users' concerns about Samsung Galaxy Fold's lifetime, Samsung announced that its mobile device can withstand 200,000 bending and unloading cycles, equivalent to about 100 such operations per day on an ongoing basis for five years. Such a statement convinced customers, but it turned out, these were nothing more than big words since the smartphone breaks much faster. Cnet edition decided to make a live broadcast -  a special robot bent the Galaxy Fold continuously for many hours, while the electronic display recorded a number of times. An automated robot performed this operation non-stop, repeating the actions of a person. As a result, the second half of the Samsung Galaxy Fold screen stopped working after 119,000 bends, and after 120,000 thousand times, the smartphone completely broke. It turns out that the real life of this mobile device is practically half of that was promised. This means that it will work on average 2.5 years, and then become worthless if to fold and unfold it 100 times a day. In fact, it turned out that the real life of this smartphone is about 60% of the declared, and this is a huge difference, so maybe people will think twice before giving $2,000 for such a device.